Earthlinks Realty offers the following services:-

Transactional Services: 
Provide services for identifying, searching and acquiring Residential, Commercial Office, Retail, Industrial and Land Acquisitions.

Strategic Advice:
Full review of real estate portfolio to establish short, medium and long-term strategy for the real estate needs.

Market Research, Feasibility Studies and Consultancy:
Market survey including demographics, supply/demand pattern, Feasibility analysis including cash flow analysis, Site assessment and analysis, Supply and Absorption analysis, Economic analysis of project and business structure.

Property Valuation:
For all purposes including accounting, funding and marketing purposes, sale and leasing property – commercial, residential, retail, industrial, serviced and unserviced land.

Project Management:
Coordination and advice for development of all types of property during design and construction.

Housing Loans:
In association with all the leading financial institutions like HSBC, ICICI, HDFC etc.



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