About Developer :

M3M India Ltd., the 21st century boutique Realty developer proposes to be the creator of idyllic high-end city developments in the country by building classic designer projects. Established in 1985 as reality advisors under the futuristic leadership of Mr. Basant Bansal, with the valuable support of his brother Mr. Roop Bansal, Director, M3M India Ltd to achieve the core distinguishing factors of M3M within the Industry which are its innovative, unique & unparallel concepts, multi dimensional reality solutions, and unmatched high service standards.

The company has gained over 25 years of real estate expertise with diverse and complimentary talents from rich network of top notch Intermediaries, Financial Institutions, High Net worth Individuals and some of the most reputed developers in India, in turn amassing an FSI of more than $ 1 Billion.

Introducing the best of global designs and practices, creative but functional and practicing innovation utilising services of world renowned architects and engineers, M3M is erecting buildings in harmony with environs and aesthetically pleasing with dramatic landscapes and impressive façade.

M3M Merlin

M3M India Limited


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